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KAZA_Leones africanos

KAZA project: conservation of African lions, biodiversity and wilderness

The Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA) measures approximately 519,000 km2 spanning five southern African ...
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KAFA_ Poicephalus flavifrons_GBFhobby.se

KAFA project: conservation of coffee forests and the Yellow-fronted Parrot

Ethiopia is a biologically rich country, but poor resource management has left only 3%...
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Personalidad, Confort y Bienestar Subjetivo en orcas en cautividad

Hasta el momento, se han realizado estudios de personalidad animal (carácter) en 64 animales diferentes. Aunque se han investigado desde ...
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Determinando el estado de los tiburones martillo en las Islas Canarias

Las poblaciones de tiburones pelágicos están disminuyendo globalmente debido a las actividades de pesca intensiva y a las bajas tasa ...
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Monitoreo del angelote mediante marcas naturales

Las poblaciones de angelote (Squatina squatina) fuera de las Islas Canarias están regionalmente extintas o son demasiado pequeñas y poco ...
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Egg incubation parameters and incubation behaviour in psittacines

Artificial incubation of parrots is a common practice in ...
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Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus

Status and conservation of Hyacinth Macaw in Brazil

Previously there has been major illegal trade in ...
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Cabeza Amarilla

Determining the status of the Yellow-headed Parrot in Belize

The Yellow-headed Parrot has undergone a dramatic population decline ...
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Rhynchopsitta terrisi

Conservation of the Maroon-fronted Parrot

The Maroon-fronted Parrot is restricted to the Sierra Madre Oriental in Nuevo León, Coahuila ...
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Conservation of dolphins

Anthropogenic pollution, which has its origin in human activity, is a serious threat ...
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Wildlife sign

Conservation of the St. Vincent Parrot

The St. Vincent Parrot has a very small population and a limited geographical distribution in one island ...
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Css1 (Medium)

Conservation of the Yellow-crested Cockatoo

The Yellow-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea) and its seven subspecies are ‘Critically Endangered’, due to decades of habitat destruction ...
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Eos histrio_pareja 2

Research and conservation of the Red and Blue Lory

This species has a very small geographical distribution, which is limited to the Talaud Islands (almost exclusively ...
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Conservation of Blue-headed Macaw

The Blue-headed Macaw until recently was considered a rare species. It is found mainly in Peru, ...
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Amazona vinacea_Hugo del Castillo

Conservation of the Vinaceous Amazon in Paraguay

This species is listed as ‘Endangered’ because population estimates indicate that the global population is very ...
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Incentives for the conservación of the Yellow-naped Amazon

The Yellow-naped Amazon is a species threatened by high levels of exploitation and habitat loss. Local demographic ...
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Conservation of the Swift Parrot

The Swift Parrot is a migratory bird whose breeding area is in Tasmania (Australia) and nearby islands...
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Crop swab

Research on Proventricular Dilatation Syndrome

Proventricular Dilatation Syndrome or Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD) is a fatal progressive ...
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Loriculus philippinensis caged

Research and conservation of the endemic parrots of Luzon

In the Philippines there are a dozen species of parrots, eleven of which are endemic. 67 percent ...
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IMG_9900 (Medium)

Conservation of the Scarlet Macaw

The Scarlet Macaw has experienced a drastic reduction and progressive fragmentation in Mesoamerica (the cyanoptera subspecies), due to
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Conservation of endangered parrots of the Tanimbar Islands

The cockatoo and lory of Tanimbar are endemic to the Tanimbar islands in Indonesia. They have a small ...
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3 LeoDouglas_Interview_CitrusFarmer

Conservation of the endemic Amazons of Dominica

The Imperial and Red-necked Amazons are the two endemic species of the island of Dominica, both seriously threatened ...
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Artificial insemination in species of parrots

The plight of many species of parrots is such that the only alternative is captive breeding, but where reproductive failures ...
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16.Nest-monitoring equipment

Conservation of endemic parakeets of New Caledonia

En la isla principal de Nueva Caledonia se encuentran dos especies de loros vulnerables y endémicas. Se trata del Periquito ...
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Research and conservation of the Great Green Macaw

The Great Green Macaw mainly inhabits humid forests below 600 meters. The mountain almond tree ...
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Research and awareness raising in Colombia to protect the Yellow-eared Parrot

The Yellow-eared Parrot is a real jewel of conservation in Colombia. A unique bird that ...
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30. DSC_4295

Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary

Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest protected area in the east of Thailand. It has immense value for ...
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H. fuertesi chick

Threatened parros of the Cordillera Central

The high elevation zone of the Cordillera Central has in its territory at least four endangered species ...
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07.Parrot festival 03

Conservation of threatened parrots of Margarita Island

In Margarita Island (Venezuela) live two of the most endangered parrots of the country...
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Amazona colirroja en caja-nido

Monitoring and conservation of the Red-tailed Amazon

The shortage of nests by the progressive disappearance of preferred mature trees, habitat disturbance ...
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White Cockatoo

Protection of the Aketajawe-Lolobata National Park, Indonesia

The Indonesian island of Halmahera has nine species of parrots, including the Chattering Lory ...
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Anodorhynchus leari feeding on licurí fruits

Lear's Macaw Conservation

The Lear's Macaw is an endangered species that lives only in a small arid region ...
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P.caeruleiceps pareja

Pyrrhura Project, Colombia

In north-western Colombia, isolated populations of several endangered species of Pyrrhura parakeets exist ...
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El Oro Parakeet_natural pair

Investigación genética poblacional y conservación del periquito de El Oro

El periquito de El Oro, en peligro de extinción, habita en el suroeste de Ecuador, ...
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Recuperation of the Grey-breasted Parakeet

The Grey-breasted Parakeet, in critical condition, is found only in two locations in the Brazilian ...
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mamiferos marinos

Marine Mammal Congress

Unas 200 personas participan en el 42º Congreso sobre mamíferos marinos, organizado por Loro Parque Representantes de Madeira, Marruecos, Azore ...
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Grey+Parrot+1_Stuart Marsden

Research and conservation of the African gray parrot

El loro gris africano está calificado como “casi amenazado”, sin embargo, la rápida pérdida y ...
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Cockatoo flight at sunset_Peter Widmann

Conservation of the Philippine Cockatoo

The Philippine Cockatoo is endemic to this archipelago and formerly could be found on almost ...
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Blue-throated Macaw Conservation

The Blue-throated Macaw is endemic to the department of Beni, in Bolivia, and is critically endangered ...
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Loro Bus visit

Conservation of the Yellow-eared Parrot

The Yellow-eared Parrot lives in the central Andes. Until recently there were populations in Ecuador ...
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Spixs Macaw chick

Recovery of Spix's Macaw

The Spix's Macaw in all probability has been extinct in the wild since 2000. It disappeared due to...
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Suelta Tortuga Marzo 2010 004

Conservation of Loggerhead Turtles in the Canary Islands

Marine turtles are reptiles that returned to the sea more than 100 million years ago. Currently there ...
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Ninios y tortuga

Marine Sanctuary for Macaronesia

In the natural region of Macaronesia, including the Azores, Cape Verde, Madeira and the Canary Islands ...
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Research on Killer whales ex situ

The Killer whale is the top predator of the oceans and the most widely distributed mammal species on the planet ...
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Orca marcada

Conservation of Killer whales in the Strait of Gibraltar

The Killer whale is the top predator of the oceans and the most widely distributed mammal species on ...
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Harbour porpoise_Florians Marko-Florian Graner-GSM

Conservation of Harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea

Harbour porpoises are a kind of small dolphin that play an important role in the balance of coastal ecosystems ...
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