Aula del mar


The Aula del Mar (Classroom of the Sea) is an educational space oriented to participation and interaction. It fosters the use of new technologies to optimize the communication between teachers and students and complements Loro Parque’s educational offer. You will find the following interactive programmes:

  • – The turtle’s odyssey: This game helps raise the awareness of the environmental problems suffered by the sea turtles. Following the instructions given at the beginning, the player will have to cross the ocean facing all kinds of danger.
  • – Save the Spix: This application’s aim is to get to know the functions of a conservationist. The user will get involved in looking after one of the most threatened species on the planet.
  • – Classify the parrots: This game will allow the player to observe and classify the parrots that appear on the screen.
  • – Animal colouring
  • – Orca quiz
  • – The sun’s rules: Next to the computer room, there is a small cinema where you will be able to watch films like “The Sun’s rules”, and “Morgan’s story”. In just eight minutes, you will be able to find out about the main problems of sea life conservation and later find out about how Morgan came to Loro Parque.

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