Free activities via videoconferences

Nautilus is a software developed by the Loro Parque Foundation, and it allows remote educational activities. It is based in Adobe Flash® and Red5. The application is run by means of an Internet browser, using Flash Player, a plug-in which is installed in 98% of computers. This way it is not necessary to install any additional software to be able to interact with us.

This tool allows us to develop activities by connecting to the school centres via the Internet. It is not only a videoconference software, but it also incorporates ‘chat’ so that students can interact with the speakers and also a slideshow tool. This tool is not only used to present static contents, but the students can interact and, for instance, play network games or use interactive software.
Remote learning activities: The totally free activities offered through Nautilus deal with Environmental Education contents and they are adapted to different educational levels. Each one of them generally consists of a theoretical part where educators in Loro Parque expose the characteristics of some of the animals from our collection, using audiovisual material. During this showing, students have access to the live chat to ask any questions. To finish off the session and for a bit of fun, usually all users connected to the network can play an interactive game simultaneously.

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