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Being a member of Loro Parque Foundation makes you part of our project. We appreciate that people who support us feel very close and receive timely information about what we do. Our magazine, Cyanopsitta is exclusively for members of the Loro Parque Foundation. Here we tell you what progress we have made and the news generated by our activities around the world.

Being a member of Loro Parque Foundation you also receive a card that gives you free entry to Loro Parque for the duration of your membership, and a visit to our Breeding Center, where circumstances permit,and with the utmost respect for our animals.

We know that our members are lovers of nature and wildlife, and that their greatest satisfaction is to contribute to ensuring responsible, effective and real actions such as those developed by the Foundation. Thank you for your support.

With the new member program "We Care Program", we reward your support by including the entrance to the aquarium Poema del Mar during your membership.

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  • WE CARE Adulto ( + 11)

  • donation ambar
  • 120 €

  • WE CARE Child (6~11)

  • gold donation
  • 80 €

  • WE CARE Forever

  • pearl donation
  • 1650 €

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