Conservation of endangered parrots of the Tanimbar Islands

The cockatoo and lory of Tanimbar are endemic to the Tanimbar islands in Indonesia. They have a small geographic distribution, but their populations are not severely fragmented or restricted to a few places. While under pressure from intensive trapping, both species seem to have maintained large populations. However, habitat degradation, and the continued capture and persecution, can cause more rapid reduction of their populations in the near future, and therefore conservation actions are prudent.

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Conservation status: NT (Near Threatened) in the Red List of the IUCN
Wild population: Minimum 100.000, maximum 500.000, in gradual decline.
Captive population: Number unknown

The main objective is that the local government and people of Tanimbar are aware of the importance of their forests, biodiversity and endemic parrots, and take steps to conserve them.

The beginning of the strategy is to petition the local government about the necessary actions, followed by building capacity within the same local government. In parallel it engages the local community through awareness and education activities focused primarily on schools, and then the public generally. The project promotes a programme to inform and build awareness in the hunters and traffickers.

Especially through his varied work with the local community, the project developed a good commitment by local government to formulate and implement a plan for conservation of forests and endemic parrots, in relation to the prevailing customary laws. This has included improving surveillance in places of possible illegal trade, given that since 2000 the Tanimbar subsection of the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources has not issued permits for trade in Tanimbar parrots. Project surveys on knowledge and public attitudes showed that 85% believe that parrots need to be preserved, and that people do not realize that the responsibility for the conservation of the cockatoo and lory of Tanimbar is not only matter of government. One third believe that local communities should be responsible. The project has used this information to provide schools and the public with information on the environment, applicable laws, and their rights and obligations. This has resulted in much greater opportunity for local people to carry out their own initiatives to safeguard and preserve the environment.


Local Partner
Indonesian Bird (BirdLife)

Other organizations involved
Department for Conservation of Natural Resources, Province of Maluku

Funds since 2000: 158.160 $

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