Conservation of Blue-headed Macaw

The Blue-headed Macaw until recently was considered a rare species. It is found mainly in Peru, although there is also a small distribution in Brazil and Bolivia. It lives on the edge of humid lowland evergreen forests, along rivers and on the edges of clearings. Of particular preference are Mauritia flexuosa palms, and their distribution is highly variable, depending on season and other factors.

Primolius couloni
Conservation status: Category VU (Vulnerable) in the Red List of the IUCN
Wild population: 10.000 – 70.000.
Captive population: Number unknown

To obtain information about the real conservation status of the species. In addition, this project, which is carried out under a partnership with the Government of Peru, coincides with another project, in that case for the conservation of Grey-headed Parakeets, listed as "Endangered".

The two projects include the definition of methods for determining the density of populations at key sites, assessing the level of illegal trade in birds, and the promotion of local social awareness regarding the smuggling of these species.

The field team is conducting population assessments and habitat analysis, and simultaneously updating the assessment of threats to both species. The general trend of the population of Blue-headed Macaw is a very gradual decrease, but it seems that the species can withstand a certain level of change to its forest habitat. From censuses in consecutive years, it appears that the population of the Grey-cheeked Parakeet has not undergone any recent decline despite the severe fragmentation of its preferred dry forest.

Eastern region

Local Partner
National Protected Areas Service of the State, Government of Peru.

Funds since 2008: 70.693 $

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