Conservation of the Vinaceous Amazon in Paraguay

This species is listed as ‘Endangered’ because population estimates indicate that the global population is very small, and has suffered a rapid decline due to the great loss and fragmentation of habitat, as well as illegal trade. The Vinaceous Amazon has become scarce throughout its wide geographical distribution and is expected to continue its rapid decline unless conservation actions are taken. In the early 1980’s it was considered that Paraguay had the largest population, but all subpopulations in the country now have less than 200 birds. The minimum remaining population in Paraguay is estimated to be only 220 individuals.

Amazona vinacea
Conservation status: EN (Endangered) in the Red List of the IUCN
Wild population: 1.000 – 2.500, in rapid decline.
Captive population: Number unknown

The objectives of this project are to assess the current state of the Vinaceous Amazon in eastern Paraguay, and to raise awareness about the plight of the species in order to establish the necessary support to carry out conservation actions.

The strategy begins with the censuses of populations of Amazona vinacea in all important remnants of forest in eastern Paraguay. During this process, the rangers are trained in the periodic monitoring of Amazon vinacea in protected areas within the Paraguay part of the geographical distribution of the species. In parallel, the project strengthens the ability of officials in charge of law enforcement to curb the smuggling of animals. These efforts also include raising awareness of the local public to reduce trafficking of Vinaceous Amazons, including theft of chicks from nests.

To conduct the census of the population of the Vinaceous Amazons in eastern Paraguay, the project has studied six major areas: the ecological reserves of Itabo and Limoy, the nature reserves of Carapá and Tati Yupi and the private nature reserves of Morombí and Itabó. The total number of individuals counted was 127 and, taking into account the maximum counts at each site for one year, the total population in Paraguay is now estimated at a minimum of 100 and maximum of 220 individuals. The staff of protected areas have been trained in the regular monitoring of Vinaceous Amazons in the reserves. The educational campaign has produced and used a field guide for identification of parrots, a recognition plaque of the species, a poster that highlights the plight of Vinaceous Amazon, guidance on legislation and trade, an educational video, pamphlets, stickers and t-shirts. The project team has given educational talks, videos and the identification guide for parrots in four schools near the city of Hernandarias, about parrots in general, and the Vinaceous Amazon in particular, and the importance of not having them as pets. Guyra Paraguay celebrated the Festival of Birds in the Botanical Garden of Asuncion, the main theme and the logo of the event being Vinaceous Amazon conservation. About 500 people attended the festival. The project has produced greater local public awareness in the media, with two different radio spots at the national level for three months and four and a half months.


Local Partner
Guyra Paraguay

Other organizations involved
Itaipu Binational
Paraguayan Network of Private Lands for Conservation
Faculty of Agrarian Sciences (FCA), National University of Asuncion (UNA)

Funds since 2013: 129,994 $

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