Research and conservation of the Red and Blue Lory

This species has a very small geographical distribution, which is limited to the Talaud Islands (almost exclusively Karakelang Island) off northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. In 1999, the minimum population estimate was 8,230 individuals in Karakelang. The rapid population decline continues, and the nominate subspecies of the Sangihe Islands is probably extinct. The population is declining due to habitat loss and illegal capture for trade.

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Conservation status: EN (Endangered) in the Red List of the IUCN
Wild population: Minimum probably less than 8,200, maximum 21,400; in rapid decline.
Captive population: Number unknown

The project has as its objectives to periodically evaluate the size and density of populations of Eos histrio and other endemic and endangered species of birds, and assess their association with the natural and disturbed habitats. Based on information obtained, actions that result in the conservation of the species will be undertaken.

Through systematic searches, estimate the sizes and densities of populations of all parrots and other birds, and their relation to specific habitats. Estimate the actual amount of forests and their distribution, and the amount lost during the last 20 years. Evaluate human use of protected areas and other key sites, and impacts on these sites. Assess the impacts of capture and trade in species of parrots. Make recommendations for habitat management, regulation of the sites and improving the policy. Promote policies and actions to stop forest loss and degradation of habitat, and for monitoring protocols long term. Continue capacity-building within local communities and with conservationists on the islands.

As a result of actions of the project, the status of Karakelang Game Reserve has changed to a Natural Reserve. This important change in the status of the protected area was signed by the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia in 2000. The monitoring and research of the roosting sites of Red and blue Lories closer to the most important towns have been regularly performed. There was an increase in the number of hunters detained for trapping lories at their roosts. The competent authorities confiscate the trapped lories and the equipment of the detained trappers, and proceed with an official prosecution of trappers. The project has helped coordinate and share information among the 23 state agencies related to the implementation of environmental laws. The project has also conducted seminars on illegal trade in Red and blue Lories, new regulations on protected species, and the new protected area status of Karakelang Nature Reserve. Project staff have made frequent visits to schools in Karakelang and Sangihe for workshops and presentations on the parrots, other endemic species and forests. 800 colour posters have been installed, representing the protected species of Talaud using scientific and local names in Karakelang, Salibabu island and the inter-island ferries.

Sangihe y Talaud, Indonesia
Eastern region

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