KAFA project: conservation of coffee forests and the Yellow-fronted Parrot

Ethiopia is a biologically rich country, but poor resource management has left only 3% of the original forests. The remaining mountain forests are the last refuge for many species, including the ancestral forests of coffee trees (Coffea arabica), especially within the Kafa Biosphere Reserve. The Ethiopian endemic Yellow-fronted Parrot is also found in these forests. Although not listed as a threatened species, its current status needs to be clarified.

Poicephalus flavifrons
Conservation status: Category LC (Least Concern) in the Red List of the IUCN
Wild population: Not quantified. Reported as frequent, more in north Ethiopia
Captive population: Very few.

In the Kafa Biosphere Reserve:
To establish a survey and monitoring scheme for the Yellow-fronted Parrot. To implement an adaptive monitoring of the threatened flora and fauna. To prepare and implement a community-based reforestation programme. To train local communities and guide wildlife-interested tourists. To conduct a promotion campaign on the project and the area’s threatened fauna.

The community based reforestation programme has the aim to enrich the existing forests, close gaps between forest fragments and ensure the integrity of gallery forests bordering wetlands and rivers. The integration of the local communities in these efforts is to empower them to manage their own natural resources in a sustainable way, so that the forests and biodiversity exist into the future.

A team of 10 qualified rangers have been installed for wildlife monitoring, communication of all key actions to the local communities, and to train and supervise activities, especially reforestation and wildlife Tourism, within the communities. The campaign on the project and the area’s threatened fauna will be done through various media, including social networks


NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union)

Funding since 2016: 78,283$
Poicephalus flavifrons

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