Message from the Founder

Wolfgang Kiessling

Wolfgang Kiessling, President of Loro Parque Fundacion

Every time I address or refer to my friends of the Loro Parque Foundation, I feel a mixture of joy, excitement and gratitude. Together we have made possible the many goals you can see in this webpage, with tangible results in recovery of species, conservation of their habitats and even in the improvement of the living condition of the closest local communities. So, if you are a supporter, thanks for being part of this family of Earth, Nature and Animal lovers. If you are not one yet, you will be welcome in the Loro Parque Foundation; you are invited to share our initiatives and join, if you wish, this noble struggle in defence of wildlife that we started four decades ago.

Loro Parque Foundation is not just any NGO. Our most committed partner, Loro Parque, covers all our operating costs, so every penny we receive in grants and donations goes for the direct financing of our worldwide conservation projects. Over the years we have carried out 109 initiatives in 30 countries in five continents where we have made an investment of almost $16million.

Our vision of species conservation has them closely linked to their habitats and, therefore, to all the ecosystems. To work on this, we have chosen parrots and cetaceans, our ambassadors for Nature, and around them we develop the greater part of our work. The pressure of human activity and its invasion of natural areas require determined actions to curb the damage and to reverse the process of extinction of species to which dozens of them, all marvelous, are headed.

From Loro Parque Foundation, we reiterate our commitment to continue working in this direction, as well as in other important areas such a responsible breeding, research and social awareness. On this website you can get to know us better and check the successes that so many years of effort and dedication have already given. Thanks for visiting us.


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