Recuperation of the Grey-breasted Parakeet

The Grey-breasted Parakeet, in critical condition, is found only in two locations in the Brazilian state of Ceara. The initial efforts of the project have allowed us to define their geographical presence, and to follow-up with in situ conservation actions. The work has shown that local residents were unaware of the plight of this species threatened by environmental degradation and capture.

Pyrrhura griseipectus
Conservation status: Baltic:- Category CR (Critically Endangered) in the IUCN Red List.
Wild population: 250, declining.
Captive population: Number unknown.

Improve the status of the species, in order to boost the increase and stability of its populations, and remove it from the Category of "Critically Endangered" in which it is currently situated.

After determining its geographical location and size of the total population, the project is working to facilitate, with specific actions, better results in the breeding period. The project is also promoting the protection of the habitat and resources are being invested in raising public awareness about the value of Grey-breasted Parakeet.

The project has installed 60 nesting boxes to help reproduction and has carried out an important task of monitoring and surveillance, in which two dozen people have been involved. This has increased our knowledge about the breeding of this species. All the field activities have been presented to local people to increase their awareness of the situation, and to involve them in it. More support has been aimed at school children and teachers with presentations, and even the development of artistic activities with campaigns in which the Grey-breasted Parakeet is central.

Ceará State

Local Partner

Other organizations involved
Nacional Service of Business Learning Association of the Friends of Guaramiranga

Funds since 2007: 330,050 $

Pyrrhura griseipectus

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