Marine Sanctuary for Macaronesia

In the natural region of Macaronesia, including the Azores, Cape Verde, Madeira and the Canary Islands it is, through its climatic and oceanographic characteristics, one of the regions with the greatest variety of whales in the world, with 31 of the 38 species of whales and dolphins present in the North Atlantic. Interactions with fisheries, noise pollution, waste, maritime traffic and the impact of tourism pose a serious threat in an area that should be preserved as a priority.

Encourage the creation of a marine protected area in Macaronesia, which becomes a sanctuary for the cetaceans that inhabit it.

Encourage the establishment of scientific and administrative foundations on which to develop a protected area.

Loro Parque Foundation has worked from the 1980’s in favor of the creation of this reserve, in order to safeguard the biodiversity of Macaronesia. Therefore, it has financed numerous studies aimed at determining the status and threats to populations of whales and dolphins. In 2014 the SANICET network was created to facilitate collaboration between researchers of cetaceans in the four island groups, to join forces and attain results more quickly and effectively.

Natural Region of Macaronesia
(España, Cabo Verde, Portugal)


Other organizations involved
Government of the Canary Islands

Funds since 1987: 209,778 $

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