More the 850 persons attend the VIII International Parrot Convention, organized by the Loro Parque Fundación

More than 40 countries were represented at this meeting, which takes place since 28 years in Puerto de la Cruz

Loro Parque Fundación closes the eighth edition in the International Parrot Convention with an important success, having hung the sign of filled in August and after having passed the number of 800 bird lovers, who specially travelled to Tenerife to share knowledge and vocation for these birds. Breeders, biologists and ornithologists from different countries come together in Puerto de la Cruz to update their knowledge and discover the latest trends in parrots nursing, breeding and health.

Throughout the 3-day conference, the participants from more than 40 different countries and 5 continents, took the opportunity to exchange experiences and news about parrot management, as well as they also made some excursions and enjoyed a complete social program with events on the beach and dancing at the Casa del Vino, in addition to a fabulous gala dinner in the beautiful gardens of the Hotel Botánico.

Among the 19 speakers from various countries, there have been some very important presentations given by professionals from the parrot world known worldwide, as for example Rudolf Christian and the writer Rosemary Low, as well as many others who shared their experiences of more than 40 years in the breeding of parrots and cockatoos. Among the topics that were discussed, there were important aspects that have influenced the recovery of the Mauritius parakeet or the ocular deceases that most affect psittacines. The participants were also able to learn new practices and trends in breeding, feeding, health and reproduction of those birds.

The Convention, that takes place every four years, is also an opportunity for researchers, students and experts to have the opportunity to share knowledge and practices about parrots. Currently, Loro Parque Fundación houses the largest and most diverse parrot pool worldwide, consolidating during its 20th anniversary in the global benchmark, given its extensive experience in conservation projects of species in the 5 continents.

On the other hand, Dr. Auguste von Bayern, Princess of Bavaria in Germany, spoke about the capabilities and intelligence of parrots, a topic that interested many of the participants. Professor Carl Jones spoke about the recovery of the Echo parakeet, and the participants at the Convention recognized his presentation as one of the most interesting and Loro Parque Fundación has awarded him with a special recognition.

Finally, the professional team of Loro Parque Fundación, that has an extensive and international renown trajectory, has also offered different workshops and highly valued presentations very useful for the parrot breeders, and they were also recognized for the interesting developments regarding the nest design, materials and systems expound by the biologist and ornithologist, Rafael Zamora Padrón. On the other side, Professor Dr. Michael Lierz from the German University of Giessen, spoke about the semen recollection and artificial insemination, whose importance is necessary to save many species that are critically endangered.

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