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Loro Parque Fundación commits to sustainable mobility with the incorporation of a 100% electric car with 300 kilometers of autonomy, thanks to the collaboration of Domingo Alonso Group.

The delivery of the car took place this Wednesday, November 27, at the facilities of Loro Parque. The event was attended by Dr. Javier Almunia, scientific director of the Foundation and the manager of Volkswagen of Domingo Alonso Tenerife, Juan Carlos Estrada.

The vehicle, a Volkswagen e-Golf, has features comparable to any conventional combustion car and offers a range that makes it possible to travel all over Tenerife, including the rest of the archipelago.

“In coherence with CanBIO, our most important project in the Canary Islands, that is dedicated to monitoring the effects of climate change and mitigating its effects on marine species in the Canary Islands, the foundation had to have a zero-emission vehicle”, said Almunia about the new incorporation.

In this sense, the e-Golf will be used for the displacements to the conservation projects that Loro Parque Fundación carries out in all the archipelago. Furthermore, it will be a symbol of the importance of the change towards a mobility free of greenhouse gas emissions.

“The objective is to use electricity from renewable energies, such as photovoltaic plants or future wind turbines from Loro Parque, so that emissions are really zero,” said the director of the Foundation.

The Volkswagen Group is already working towards the same goal and has set a course for achieving CO2 neutrality by 2050 within the framework of its environmental statement “goTOzero”. To achieve this, the German manufacturer will focus on electrifying its fleet, with the goal of launching 70 electric models and selling more than three million of these vehicles annually until 2025.