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Bärbel Köhler

Bärbel Köhler works for Abaxis / Zoetis, a US manufacturer of veterinary medicines and vaccines for pets and livestock.

After training as a medical technical laboratory assistant (MTLA) at the Wilhelms University of Münster, she subsequently studied to become an instructor of medicine specialising in haematology, clinical chemistry and tropical medicine for human and veterinary medicine under the tutelage of the University of Münster and at the veterinary examination office in Münster.

Currently she is the international project manager of the company having worked in laboratory diagnostics and training in primate diagnostics, e.g. Gorilla Doctors Dian Fossy Rwuanda, Uganda, Congo, Jane Goodall chimpanzee projects, Indonesia: Orangutan projects.

Exotic parrot projects with wildlife projects around the world where she has given lectures, workshops and training courses.

Member of several relevant organisations including the Orangutan Advisory Group (OVAG) and Ambassador for Loro Parque Fundación.