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Björn Dunkerbeck

Bjørn is a sports fanatic! Worshipped by many as the ultimate windsurfer, the glamour boy figure has been one of the heroes in windsurfing ever since he hit the professional circuit at the tender age of 17. The half Danish-half Dutch windsurfing legend has broken the Nautical Mile speed record four times, the 500m Open Ocean speed record twice and the 250m speed record. Add to that 167 Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA) titles, seven PWA Wave World Championship crowns and 42 PWA overall world championships and you have an absolute sporting legend. His latest windsurfing challenge was to beat 100 kmh, reaching a maximum speed of 103.68 kmh. Björn Dunkerbeck not only thrives on diversity, he has that raw talent and determination that makes him stand out as a true phenomenon in the world of star quality sport. “I’ve been working at this sport all my life,” Björn enthuses. “It’s my passion and I live for it every day. If I go without windsurfing for more than a day, I get hungry and can’t wait to get out there. I’m basically a sports fanatic. If I’m not on the water I’m snowboarding or I’m mountain- biking – but I can’t go without windsurfing.

This passion makes him to be very involved in conservation, especially with the oceans, lakes and rivers of the world, rising awareness about the necessity to maintain the world’s biggest lung clean, so that all living creatures can keep living and breathing.