Mission and Objectives


“Our MISSION is to conserve wild species and their habitats, through education, applied research, responsible breeding programmes, and community-based conservation activities that use parrots and cetaceans as ambassadors for nature”


  • To improve the conservation status of threatened parrots and cetaceans and their natural habitats.
  • To foster awareness about the need to protect Parrots, cetaceans and general biodiversity, and enhance co-operative networking, collaboration and capacity-building.
  • To support and collaborate in community-based conservation, education and sustainable development programmes that use parrots and cetaceans as flagships for the protection of the most endangered ecosystems.
  • To promote and strengthen the potential of responsible captive management, breeding and welfare as complementary conservation tools to provide a safety-net for parrots endangered in the wild state.
  • To support and conduct applied research programmes that improve our understanding of parrot and cetacean biology in every aspect.
  • To reduce the pressure exerted by trade on wild parrot populations, by supplying the demand from aviculturists with sustainably-bred captive parrots.
  • To use captive-bred parrots in a sustainable manner to secure financial resources for conservation activities in the field, and to support re-introduction programmes
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