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Conservation projects around the world

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Megaptera novaengliae, Humpback whale

Squatina squatina, Angel shark

Longevity of psittacines

Assisted reproduction in Psittacidae

Lathamus discolor, Swift parrot

Calyptorhynchus latirostris, Short-billed black cockatoo

Eunymphicus cornutus, Horned Parakeet

Lorius garrulus, Chattering lory

Cacatua sulphurea, Yellow-crested Cockatoo

Conservation proposals

At Loro Parque Fundación we look for proposals for conservation and research projects that are aligned with the mission, vision and objectives of the entity.

We focus our financial allocations on projects related to parrots and marine species. Especially among those species that have been declared in danger of extinction, as well as in initiatives for the conservation of terrestrial and marine biodiversity.

As part of our environmental care policy, we seek collaboration with organisations capable of accrediting or certifying the correct management of waste generated during fieldwork.

If you want to apply for our grants, download the application form and submit it by the deadline.

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